Qi Acupuncture Auckland, Qi Acupuncture Grey Lynn

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Wooden Studio
2/38 Aeroview Drive
Beach Haven
North Shore.
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M. 021 886 796
E. ingrid@qia.co.nz

The unimpedid circulation of qi and its balance to achieve whole health - Qi Acupuncture in Auckland, New Zealand


Experienced Traditional Chinese Medical practitioner


Cupping & Gua sha

Nutrition. An Eastern perspective (prior to herbal formula)

Moxibustion & Infra-red heat therapy

Remedial, Sports and Tui na massage

Tuning fork vibration stimulation of acu-points

Patented Chinese herbal formula (capsule form)

Essential Oils.
Living plant extracts matched with acu-points or meridians.
10 ml roller bottle to take home and use on points for continuation of treatment

Pre appointment phone/email consult and enquiries - no cost

Bookings via phone, email or text message
(no online booking due to individual needs differing)
Availability weekends plus unfixed weekdays/evenings

"Qi is always in a flux of change .. the effects of simply moving towards health and healing naturally, continues to amaze me "Ingrid

"The sages did not treat those that were already ill, but treated those that were not yet ill. They did not try to put in order what was already in disorder but tried to prevent disorder from arising in the first place" The Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic of Medicine from 2nd Century BCE.